Round 2!

September 10, 2010


well, for those of you that are still out there in XANGA-land. We are about to become a family of four!


this is insanely crazy. just the icing on the cake as to why i WONT get the swine flu shot NOR will it give it to my son.

We’re Coming to MICHIGAN

October 8, 2009

October 24th to the 27th. Mark your Calendars. we’re coming. if you want to hang out please let me know.

i live in NJ

June 6, 2009

I’m a NJ resident now… weird

2 weeks and counting

May 20, 2009

Two weeks from today, I will be living in NJ.

Thats a sobering thought. There are so manythings I’ll miss about TX, and boy did I NEVER think I’d EVER say that 🙂

Here is to new beginnings and the refelection of old seasons.

the ticket is booked

May 13, 2009

June 3, 2009 – 1:45pm – Depart DFW nonstop to EWR – Arrive 6:40pm. JJ will be flying with me. Jason will start the drive home May 31/June 1.

Thats it. Ticket is booked. Moving truck is paid for. We’ll start packing this weekend.

God is providing each step of the way.

Oh, and I only paid $2.50 for my ticket thanks to Frequent Flyer miles.

PS JJ slept w/o being swaddled last night. Our baby is growing up already! Sheesh!

Moving to NJ

May 3, 2009

We’re finally making the ‘plunge’. We have put our deposit down on our new apartment. In NJ. wow. sometimes things happen so fast. June 1st is our move in date! Bless God for His provision.

Here’s the apartment. We have upstairs neighbors and a neighbor in the basement. Living is way diff in NJ. 3-family house. Basically one house turned into 3 apartments. We have the first floor.


AND there is a pool, which I’m super super excited about 🙂

Pray for a safe drive back for Jay and a safe flight for JJ and I at the end of the month. Oh, and for an easy transition for the whole family

And most importantly, please pray that we will find a Church home. One that is alot like ou church now, or whatever God’s plan is. Yeah I guess thats the better idea… whatever God’s plan is.

labor and delivery

February 18, 2009

Here’s the scoop. I gotta be honest, im mostly writing this up so i dont forget all that i went through, but the other side is i really wanted to share my story with the social media world too. I had a great L&D experiance, but it was a lot of hard work for sure.

Wednesday the 28th of January I decided I needed to make Thursday my last day of work before the baby was born. Getting up and going into the office for 8 hours every day was REALLY taking its toll on me and I figured if I could just get home and RELAX and focus on having a baby instead of spreadsheets and website errors, I would surely have the baby.

Fast forward to Friday morning, the 30th of January and my first official day of maternity leave. I was up about 8am, just couldnt sleep anymore, weird for me, but i also have my mom and my aunt and uncle here (who for those of you that dont know, i call my parents). So with the 3 of them here and being anxious to have a baby I guess I just couldnt sleep any later. We all decided that we were going to go to Tiger Creek, which is a wild cat exhibit here in Tyler, TX – its been on the discovery channel, fyi .  So about noon we all set out for the Wild Cat place.

Being 9 months preggo, you have to pee all the time. and i mean ALL the time, so naturally when we got to Tiger Creek I had to pee. Went to the little girls room and noticed a bit of blood, but that was normal seeing that i had started losing my mucous plug the previous sunday. we toured the facility looked at all the pretty kitties and then i had to pee again, this time there was ALOT of blood. This made me a bit nervous. Being a 1st time preggo, i didnt really know what to expect. I took a pic of all the blood to show Jay, because it scared me. So i also showed my mom and my aunt and the general concensious was “go to the ER, just incase”. So to avoid a bill that i dont need i called the Dr office and asked to speak with the nurse to talk to her about what was going on. If she says go to the ER, we’d go, if she said it was normal, we were going for mexican food 🙂 needless to say, I didnt get to have my enchilladas and tortilla soup. Nurse said that it was ‘probably’ normal and i was more than likely in early labor, but she’d like me to check in to the hospital just incase. So, we got to ETMC and checked in.

We checked in about 245pm, January 30. Dr came in and checked me and told me I was dilated to 4cm, which was 1.5 to 2 cm further along than i was at my appointment on Tuesday afternoon. She said b/c of the bleeding, she wouldnt let me go home, but told me I was in early labor and when i left, I’d be going home with my little one.

I cried. I was so sad that I couldnt go home and labor there for the ‘easy’ part and i was TOTALLY bummed that I missed out on Mexican food, so I settled for a burger and some fries, snuck in under the radar of course . I distictly remember asking everyone to go rent a movie or something so we could be entertained b/c i didnt at all feel like we were going to have a baby any time soon. So, Jason and my uncle Don let to go get some coffee for everyone. They were gone for about an hour and Megan and I walked the halls a little bit to help speed things up. 2 Laps around the halls and  I started getting some ‘real’ contractoins so I called Jason to tell him he needed to get back to the hospital b/c I was really starting to hurt. That concludes Round 1 for my L&D.

Enter round 2. These contractions were a bit more frequent and a bit more painful. More than uncomfortable, but not excruciating. I discovered that pressing really really really hard on my lower back during these contractions dulled the pain enough to make it fade out a bit. Megan and Jason and LauRen took turns trying to launch themselves through my lower back, It’s commical to think about now, but it was VERY necessary at the time. The doctor offered to break my water to try and speed things up, but i was just not ready for the extra pain, so I turned it down. About 11pm I caved and asked to have her come break my water to speed things up, I was only dilated to a 7 and needed a whole 3cm more before I could push…. this was not cool. The nurse called the Dr, who by the way had gone home for the night b/c she was on call, and she said that I’d have to wait until morning and she didnt think it was a good idea if i wanted to continue to have a natural labor and delivery b/c things would truely get much more painful. So, about 9am when she returned, she broke my water, enter round 3… the “oh God please have someone shoot me” phase.

Round 3 was SO very painful. It took about an hour or so after breaking my water before I got to the point that I just couldnt avoid pushing. It was like an automatic reaction. Contraction comes, I push. Not good when you arent dilated enough. So, we devised a grunting plan. contractions come, i make this funny animal grunting sound that keeps the air out of me so i CANT push. that worked for a while. but then the baby’s heartrate dropped, only a little, but the nurse and the dr informed me that i needed to stop grunting b/c i had to make sure to get enough oxygen to the baby. So, I wasnt sure exactly what to do. I was dilated to about an 8 or 8.5cm, but thats still not good enough to get a baby out. We THEN decided that I’d grunt and make funny sounds only when the REALLY bad contractions came (but at this point they ALL felt that way). so about every 3 contractions, i had to focus on something (usually a spot on the ceiling) and grunt it out. The other 2 contraction i just had to tough it out.

I think it was about 1 or 130 when i finally cracked and just needed SOMETHING to help me get the last centimeter dilated. I was so tense that my body and basically stopped dilating at 9cm. NOT GOOD for pushing out Junior. So i 1st asked for an epidural, then my husband talked some sense into me. He reminded me how much I didnt want the epidural. How that was the ONE thing I made him promise me he wouldnt let me do, and being so close to Delivery, he didnt want me to look back and regret anything about the birth of our baby boy. So we talked about other pain relief options with the doctor and decided on a mini dose of a drug that would help me relax enough to dilate the other centimeter, but not make me all lopy and weirded out when it was time to push. this lasted about 45min or so, just enough to allow me to rest in between contractions. I remember pushing everytime i felt a contraction and i was sure that I was going to be stuck in labor for forever because i was going to cause my cervix to swell from pushing before it was time, but i couldnt stop it. It was just an automatic reaction. contraction came, i pushed, EVERY time.

The medicine wore off and the nurse came in to check me again. She checked me and then just left the room. She has done that more than once before which means I havent made any progress. So i asked for the epidural again. The anesthesiologist was tied up somewhere else b/c i sent him away the first time and I was going to have to wait for him to be done before he could get to me. In the meantime, the nurse came back in and told me I was ‘complete’ and if i was ready, we could push. This was THE BEST NEWS!!!! After thinking I was doomed to be in labor forever she brings me GREAT news. It was like i got a second wind, and i was READY to rock and roll.

We started pushing right about 330pm on January 31. It was THE MOST AMAZING feeling. To finally be able to do what my body had been trying to get me to do for HOURS. Pushing was such a relief, and honestly, not painful at all. When he finally crowned and popped his adorable little head out, that hurt, I wont lie, but it really wasnt bad in comparison to all the contractions. After his head was out, it was another push or so and his shoulders came out and i felt his feet wriggle out of me. At 4:17pm, after 25.5 hours, My beautiful baby boy made his way out of me and into this world. I tore a bit, needed about 1/2 a dozen stitches or so but nothing too bad, concidering I just pushed 9lbs 2oz of baby out of me!!!!

I can say I’m blessed. Truely blessed that the anesthesiologist was tied up with someone else and that i wasnt able to have the epidural. The pain was just so intense I briefly lost my mind. I am only 5.6lbs away from my pre pregnancy weight, and our son is only 18 days old. I am feeling great and I’m out and about as often as the kiddo will allow.

Thanks for letting me share 🙂


I’ll be posting videos 🙂 one is already up, dedicated to grandma

I’ll post the birth story later, but for now, pictures 🙂 lots of pictures.

Born at 4:17pm January 31, 2009. He weighed 9lbs 2oz and was 21 inches long! What-A-Baby!!!! 🙂

30 seconds old

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