The Waiting Game

April 7, 2011

I’ve been Blessed with TWO AMAZING and beautiful mamas that are both awaiting the arrivals of their little ones (any moment now actually!). I have been blessed with an amazing “back up” doula (who is my Doula too!) who is willing to support and care for these mamas should their babies come simultaneously. I have somehow been blessed with MULTIPLE caregivers for my DS (whome he is rather fond of as well! bonus points!) should my DH be at work when the babies make their appearance.  Yet somehow, I’m still anxious. Anxious for the mamas to meet their little ones. Ready to serve, support and strengthen these women as they literally push through one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of a womans life (or so I think). 

All of that to say, Thank you to mama 1 and mama 2 for picking me to be your Doula. You had MANY options out there and I do not take it lightly that you are trusting me to be a part of this intimate time in your family’s life.

Here’s to a short wait and 2 healthy, happy babies in the near future *cheers*


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