One of the sweetest, most compassionate and empowering women in the childbirth arena. She gives a brief overview of Doulas and midwives and our harmonious relationship. Enjoy!


My heart is full tonight. Great day with my little family, as well as a rather inspiring visit to my midwife. I myself am 7 months pregnant, and would NEVER dream of delivering without a Doula after knowing the benefits and NO KNOWN RISKS of having one by my side. I think a Doula is a VITAL part of the Childbirth experience.

I talked with some of the staff after my appointment about offering my services at no charge to fellow patients/moms/clients of the birth center because I was looking for births to attend while working towards by DONA certification. I had sent a flyer into the office and they graciously hung it up, which is why we were talking to begin with. One of the midwives told me that she could find me a plethora of clients to work with, because my services were … free. It should have been great news, which from a business and experiential standpoint, it is, but from a deep-down-something-has-to-change point, it stung a little. Knowing that there are an abundance of women who NEED and DESIRE a doula, but cannot afford it, thus they don’t pursue finding that support burns a hole in me. Women who may wind up with a birth journey that is LESS than desired, by their standards. Women who will never know the benefits of that one-on-one, continuous, unbiased, non-judgemental support. My heart burns to share the EMPOWERMENT a woman experiences when she make informed birth decisions and they are ACTUALLY supported and carried out. I MUST do something about this. I’ve been brewing ideas up all day about how I can start a fund that will pay for Doula services for women in need. Maybe finding a group of Doulas that will do more Pro-Bono or Bartered care because the need is truly there. The possibility of making women aware that finances should NEVER come in the way of one of the most life altering experiences they will ever encounter.

The need is there. The desire is there. The support is there. How do we connect the circle?

Do You Doula?

March 4, 2011