Doula Abby makes a Debut

February 26, 2011

I have decided today will be the day I being my blogging journey as a Doula. I want to share my passions and excitement for empowering women to know their birth choices and to help them understand that their choices for birth are to be THEIRS ALONE. Each woman will make different choices, and I want to support them by being another strong, educated, well informed woman by their side to help them have the birth experience they desire. To help them rediscover the RIGHTS and POWER birth can bring to their lives when the experience is a beautiful one, as THEY define it.

My hearts desire is to share with women the knowledge of HOW a woman and her unborn baby dance a beautiful, rhythmic dance during Labor and Birth. How they are a TEAM and together, will bring the baby out of her womb and into her heart forever. How many interventions in birth are not necessary when she listens to her body and the signals from her baby, but at the same time guiding a woman to the understanding that interventions are NOT always bad. When they are used moderately, appropriately and when their risks are made clear, sometimes those interventions are the very things we that help to safely bring our babies into this world.

I will be sharing a plethora of information on natural childbirth, or as I like to call it Original Childbirth. Childbirth the way women have done it for thousands of years: together, supported, fearless and free. I will also share information on Cesarian Section births and the benefits when used appropriately, Epidurals and their benefits, as well as real risks, and any other birth related fun stuff I see fit because lets face it, this is my blog, and I have the rights to write whatever I see fit 🙂

I wish the best to all of you who will stumble upon my blog. Those who are moms, dads, sisters or brothers, I hope you find something that will make you laugh or smile or feel empowered to help women through one of the most trying and amazing experiences of their lives, and the lives of their babies.

Until Next Time,

Doula Abby


4 Responses to “Doula Abby makes a Debut”

  1. Bridget Says:

    Go you! I’m excited to follow you on this journey. I love all things birth-baby, as I believe the medical way we do childbirth in America is all mixed up too. Intervention shoudl be a last resort, not a first. I’m sure you will love every minute of your training and I can’t wait to hear your stories. Blessings!


  2. doulaabby Says:

    Thanks Bridget! Any topics you feel would be great to start off the blog? Im always open for suggetions.

  3. This is your passion and your purpose manifested! I will write you a reference or do whatever you need me to do!!! You keep doing what you are doing my sweet Abby!!!! You are pre-destined for success!!!


    Wow, Abby!!! You really inspire me. I really feel the same way you do on sooooo many levels. I wonder if this is my passion/calling?? I am so excited for you and I also cannot wait to watch you go through this journey!!! I feel blessed to know you!!! All I can say is WOW!!! ❤

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