2 weeks and counting

May 20, 2009

Two weeks from today, I will be living in NJ.

Thats a sobering thought. There are so manythings I’ll miss about TX, and boy did I NEVER think I’d EVER say that 🙂

Here is to new beginnings and the refelection of old seasons.


the ticket is booked

May 13, 2009

June 3, 2009 – 1:45pm – Depart DFW nonstop to EWR – Arrive 6:40pm. JJ will be flying with me. Jason will start the drive home May 31/June 1.

Thats it. Ticket is booked. Moving truck is paid for. We’ll start packing this weekend.

God is providing each step of the way.

Oh, and I only paid $2.50 for my ticket thanks to Frequent Flyer miles.

PS JJ slept w/o being swaddled last night. Our baby is growing up already! Sheesh!

Moving to NJ

May 3, 2009

We’re finally making the ‘plunge’. We have put our deposit down on our new apartment. In NJ. wow. sometimes things happen so fast. June 1st is our move in date! Bless God for His provision.

Here’s the apartment. We have upstairs neighbors and a neighbor in the basement. Living is way diff in NJ. 3-family house. Basically one house turned into 3 apartments. We have the first floor.


AND there is a pool, which I’m super super excited about 🙂

Pray for a safe drive back for Jay and a safe flight for JJ and I at the end of the month. Oh, and for an easy transition for the whole family

And most importantly, please pray that we will find a Church home. One that is alot like ou church now, or whatever God’s plan is. Yeah I guess thats the better idea… whatever God’s plan is.