As Promised!

December 20, 2008

even though i’m 33 weeks, i havent taken taken this weeks pics, so you are getting last weeks, the 32week/8month pics 🙂 Enjoy

32 weeks full DSC03281 DSC03284


33 weeks and counting…

December 17, 2008

so I’m lame and dont have any pictures uploaded yet, but i took them. I will post the new ones as soon as i get the time to get them from my camera to the computer.

I am VERY ready for our baby boy to come into the world, but he apparently still needs more time inside the oven 🙂 Its odd how one minute i LOVE LOVE LOVE being pregnant and dont want to have the baby b/c i love carrying life in my belly, and the next minute, almost like a light switch, I am READY READY READY to give birth. how ironic.

Well, here’s to the next month or so of waddling and peeing while i wait to hold our son. Cheers!

30 weeks

December 6, 2008

 7.5 months (30 weeks)


30 weeks full30 weeks



December 4, 2008

why must my body try to trick me?

Here I am, with only 60 days left before our son is due to make his way into the world and i discover a little flock of stretchmarks on my belly! it started with one tiny tiny one, then he got a friend, right next to my belly button, but still, not so bad. THEN came the itching… itching…. and more itching. NEVER a good sign. now i have probably 10 or more starting under by belly. Like i cant see them from the top and have to look in the mirror and almost pick up my rounded tummy to see them.

*sigh* I should have expected this, but I thought I was going to get off easy with this one. I allowed myself to be tricked. I already have stretchmarks from growing up, what makes this any different????