mom’s new favorite.. in 3D!!

September 26, 2008

i love this picture. My new favorite.




half way mark

September 20, 2008

20 weeks… we’re half way there!

 week 20 20 weeks full shot


September 17, 2008

i find out the most exciting news in FOREVER and u chumps (all but tasha ) dont even care to comment and share my joy… sheesh. I feel so abandoned by my xanga friends… Facebook is much for rewarding…


September 14, 2008

see below for new pics of the baby.


Top Half

baby serio arms and head

Bottom Half

baby serio legs

The inbetweens!!!!! (its just his legs and his… uh… goods)

baby serio BOY moms fav


September 8, 2008


**I felt the baby move LAST NIGHT** Feels a bit like a muscle twitch but inside my belly. i felt the same thing last wednesday and just didnt realize thats what it was for sure!

So here’s to my beautiful little one : thanks baby for moving for mom. I am so greatful that God blessed me to be your mommy, now lets work on getting bigger and stronger so daddy can feel you, but no rush, you take your time and grow however God told you to.


18 weeks. and i feel awefully cute.


18 weeks full shot