for me, please :)

July 22, 2008

so here’s the deal. Our company is finally being indexed by google. So, I need YOU (yes ALL of you), to go to google, type “everycarlisted” (leave out the quotes) and hit enter.

the more of you that do this from different computers, the more greatful I will be.

Please do it, it will only take you like 30 seconds, if that.

so, recap.

go to www. google. com and type in everycarlisted click on the plain link that says “everycarlisted” its about 4 or 5 down. You dont even have to look around the site if you dont want to, I think you should, but thats up to you 🙂

oh, and tell your friends to help me out too 🙂



well, our nephew came into the world early this morning at 4lbs and 14oz. He is breathing on his own and the dr’s think he will be able to come home in about two weeks!!!!!!!!!!

We are blessing God for all He has already done for this new little life and all that he is goin to continue to do.

Mom is also doing great. She went through labor all natural and is feeling great today. Dad is a bit tired and nervous, but he is doing well too.

Thank you all for praying and please continue to pray for his growth and development as he is very very tiny. His due date was sept 18 and he came to us on July 20, so he has a bit of growing to do.

please pray

July 19, 2008

My wonderful sister in law Marla, has gone into labor, and she is only 31wks along. The doctors are trying to delay delivery for the next 48hrs but her water has already broke.

She is having a boy, please pray for his safe arrival and that he will be as strong and healthy as God will allow.

Also, please pray that marla and her husband fred will have all the strength they need/God can give them as they go through this. 


ok.. here are the pics

July 16, 2008

i just cant neglect xanga like that. Xanga is my first love and i cant shun it anylonger. Here are my ultrasound/sonogram pics.

Enjoy. comment if you want (hint hint)

Mom’s favorite! (and his first photo ever!)


Turned sideways for your viewing pleasure… he’s waving!!!! (or at least it looks that way )


Looks like he wants to play peek-a-boo


and one more just for fun!



i posted them to myspace and facebook… you can find them there 🙂 if enough of you DONT have myspace or facebook and want to see them, let me know and i’ll post them here.

Monday is the day

July 12, 2008

Monday is the first time we’ll actually get to “see” our little one. We go to the Dr. for our first real appointment and we’ll get a quick look inside at what God is doing 🙂

On another note my 23rd birthday was perfect. Over all I had just a great day, bought a new dress and new earrings, had great dinner with my husband etc.

Thanks for listening.



Abby and Baby Serio