June 15, 2008

Maybe I am lucky…

I only threw up that one day, now, for the most part anyway, I feel fantastic. My body seems to have lost its “middle ground” switch when it comes to hunger. Im either feeling not hungry at all or Im STARVING. Starving like feed me NOW or I’m going to throw up hungry… thats really weird. But I guess this is all part of the process of learning its not going to be about what I want/need, but what is best for the baby.

I love this kid so much already and doesnt even have fingers yet :)… I am so blessed I cant even explain how I feel!!!!!




I thought I’d get lucky and not throw up during my pregnancy… today, I was proved wrong.

Our little one is growing some pretty important stuff in there and apparently my body is paying for it! Here’s to the next 34 weeks of giving the little one all I have to help him grow!