New VW BEETLE!!!!!!

February 17, 2008

The time has finally come that I have acquired my dream car. !!!!!

I will post pictures soon, when i can actually find the charger to my camera

I am the proud owner of a BRAND NEW black 2008 VW Beetle!!!!



Our News

February 13, 2008

So Jason and I have finally been able to make a decision/his boss made it for us 🙂

Jason will be transferring to another Circuit City in Longview for the next 8 weeks, and be getting a small raise to basically cover travel. We were trying to decide if we were going to up and move to Dallas by March 1st for the same position, only much more pay in Lewisville, Tx.

So the scoop is this: He’ll get comfy with the new position in Longview and then in about 6-8weeks (when the woman who is about to have a baby returns to her position in that store) we will be transferring into Dallas perminantly.

Now we have some time to plan, pack and save for this move.

Thanks for all of your support.

Another possible change

February 10, 2008

If you wouldnt mind, Jason and I have a very big decision to make in the next week or so and we could really use some wisdom from Abba. We’re praying, so if you would join us and/or share any wisdom you feel let to share, I’d appreciate it. No detail on purpose just pray for wisdom and direction and FAVOR FAVOR FAVOR.

Thanks my friends.