What does it mean

November 23, 2007

When you look at your relationship with our Messiah what do you see?

What does it mean to Love Yeshua?

What does it mean to be intimate with Yahweh?

I’m struggling and could use some wisdom.


Jasper “Jazz” Serio

November 12, 2007

After thinking I wanted to name him Jasper, I got 3 other people (thanks John, Ash and a guy at work) that made the suggestion.

That confirmed it for me.

Welcome to the Family Jazz.



Welcome to the Family…

November 12, 2007

My husband is wonderful.  Last night he got me a present.


Isnt he the greatest?


There’s only one problem… he doesnt have a name.

I need your help. Please give me your opinions.

He is a super cute and very very playful puppy. Thats all I know about him so far.


Mrs. Serio

Did you forget?

November 2, 2007

Did you come to our wedding and forget to sign our guestbook? Many of you did.

And for those of you who couldnt make it, but want to leave us some formal congrats or love, please go to our website, www.jasonlovesabby.com , and leave your guestbook comments. I’m going to shut the site down soon and we are making a CD of it, so I dont want to miss any of the memories.

Lots of Love,

Mrs. Serio

oh, and if you havent seen any of our informal wedding pics go to the link below and take a look. From what I hear, the Happy Couple was pretty hott.

Our Wedding Pictures