The Wedding Date

June 28, 2007

I will become Mrs. Jason Serio on Friday September 28, 2007.

If you want an invitation and think you’ll be able to come, be sure to email me your address so I dont forget you.

The wedding will be here in Tyler at the Rose Garden.

Lots of LOVE!!!!!


The Story

June 14, 2007

So Jason and I havent had the opportunity to go out on many ‘dates’ in the past few months. We’ve gone for dinner or a movie, but no real romantical type things.  So we decided that this last tuesday would be date night in Dallas for us (mind u we planned it like a week ahead of time b/c it was the only night he had off of work). Dallas is actually where we had our “first date” so we thought it would be good to just get out and go be together for a while.

So Tuesday night, about 6pm we headed out to Dallas for our date. The drive is almost 2 hrs for those of you who arent from Texas. The car is a stick so this means  I couldnt hold his hand, and that is just not an option, so i put my hand on his leg. He says to me “babe, what is ur facination with my cell phone” (said cell phone was in his pocket). I respond “I dont have one, I just want to be touching you and I cant be because ur driving, so this is where my hand goes”. He very non-chalantly takes my hand in his and puts it on my leg. I then move it back, then he moves it, and the battle goes on. Little do I know, there as a special something in that pocket that he didnt want me to feel

We arrive in Dallas at Reunion Tower around 9pm. Reunion tower is the glowing ball that you see in the skyline in Dallas. It has an observation deck that you can look out on the city and see it for miles. Oh, by the way, not only was our 1st date in dallas, but he took me HERE to this tower on that 1st date… I should have caught on by this point, but I didnt.


We proceed to walk around the observation deck for a while when he asks me “where’s your favorite view” I told him “this one over here, where you can see the whole skyline” (see picture below)

 skyline in dallas

Now for those of you who arent familiar with my love for babies, this next part wont be as special for you, but for those of you who DO know, this will make the story all the more better. And just FYI, Jason and I have talked about marriage and having children before, so the fact that I say what I said is not just out of the blue, I actually say it every once in a while because, well, I can.

So off the bunny trial.

So we walked around one more time and then we stopped right in front of this view and just chatted for a minute. When Jason holds me from behind and wraps his arms around my stomach, he has this habit of calling it his “baby maker” He randomly named my stomach that, and it just made me all mushy inside. The thought of having his children someday makes me want to cry tears of Joy! So he puts his arms around me and holds tight onto my stomach. I turned my head around just enought to see his face and said “I cant wait to have your babies someday” and he replies “well, in order to have my babies, you’ll have to be my wife” and then he gets on one knee. He continues “Abby, I love you and I promise to always protect and provide for you. I promise to be all the things you need me to be for the rest of our life. Will you marry me?”

(I’m just standing there, trying to figure out what is happening I’m thinking oh my, is this really happening. I-I-I think it is. He’s asking me to be his wife. Holy Crap)

I respond “Yes, of course I will” and he slips the ring onto my finger!!!!!!!

I jump up and hug him and kiss him and hug him and kiss him again.

The rest is history


Dum Dum Da Dum….

June 13, 2007

I am going to be his wife!!!!! That’s right, the soon to be Mrs. Jason Serio

I promise to give details when I’ve got more time but for now, enjoy my beautiful ring

And for those of you who’ve been with us since the beginning of the beginning thanks for the love and support that helped us get here.


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