Officially gone

January 31, 2007

I officially dont work for Teen Mania…. I’m not sure what I feel right now.  Mostly good; great actually.  I’m excited for what Abba has for me.   A little sting in my heart b/c TM has been so much a part of me since I graduated from high school..


Here’s to new beginnings.


January 28, 2007

The time has come… for me to move on.


I’ll keep this one short and sweet.  I’m leaving Acquire the Fire and Teen Mania.  January 31 is my last day. It is simply time to move on to other things in life.  I need to learn and grow in alot of ways, and this is the first step in doing that.  I wasn’t fired nor am I breaking my word.  I was released from my contract and I am on good terms with everyone here at TM.

I would love to give you all the details and tell you about my new job, if you’d like to know.

new email is my

I love you guys


Abby Rose

Big Changes in My Life

January 13, 2007

I  have some huge decisions to make over the next few weeks, and shoot, this weekend as well.  Please pray for me. I’d like to hear the voice of the Lord clearly, and then Obey.  Widsom to know the difference between my wants/desires and His. 

When I’m on the other side of this, I’ll tell you all about it.

Oh, dont forget to pray for me (in case you forgot over the last few sentences)




January 11, 2007

two pics of my hott new haircut!

new hair2

new hair



sexy i know.