New Years Eve Ideas? Help me!

December 31, 2006

so apparentlly Jay is leaving it up to me to plan our little date tonight.

Obviously the usual “lets get trashed and go bar-hopping” is at the bottom of the list, so do you have any good ideas?

Random Date ideas are good too, as long as they involve a place we can watch the ball drop at midnight.

Time frame is from like 7:30-11:30, then we’d like to come to his house and see the ball drop, its a tradition for me 🙂

ok ready… GO!

(you can text my phone with ideas too!)


Pray for My Family

December 14, 2006

Especially for those of you who know me from Michigan, and those that dont, please pray.

My cousin Wesley Conkle was in a head-on colision with a tree Tuesday morning and was killed.  His Celebration of life is on Saturday in Muskegon.

Please pray for my family.  This is a hard one to grasp


December 13, 2006

All done with finals.

65% on the A&P final… not sure about algebra BUT

overall, i think i got a B in Anatomy and an A in algebra… not a terrible semester.

One Today, One Tomorrow

December 12, 2006

Algebra today


Anatomy tomorrow.

Two Down…. two to go

December 6, 2006

Correction from my last post…. I actually got an 87… thanks to my extra credit

The test today…..not so good, I think I’ll get a max grade of 77 after Extra credit… grrr

Only thing left is finals…

One A&P II

One Algebra


Is it over yet?

One Down… 3 more to go

December 4, 2006

got at least a 82% on my A&PII test today. turned in some extra credit… should get me a few more points. 

I was shooting for a 80%… thanks Abba.

3 more tests. one this week. 2 next week, then  I’M DONE!!!!

Bored of life

December 2, 2006

I have 6 chapters of A&PII to learn by wednesday (3 by monday), 5 chapters of math to review, and all I want to do is go out.

I’m board.  I havent “gone out” in forever.  Jay and I cant even go out on a date b/c he has to work all weekend everyweekend. like 10am-8pm…

somebody help me