September 29, 2006

He’ll be here Thursday!


September 25, 2006

if youre really my friend you’ll stop talking about me and talk to me.  I’m tired of crap.  If you care about me, and you see something in my life that should be addressed, dont talk to everyone else about it and then have it get back to me.  tell me.  you know, me, the one you seem to have an issue with? yea that one.

I’ve discovered that people are always people. most of them incapable of thinking of someones feelings before they open their mouths to someone. 

For the love, if you think I need to change something, tell me. stop talking about me to each other.



drama queen or no drama queen.  what do you think?  am I really that bad?

September 20, 2006

why am I so misunderstood? i just dont get it. i say what i mean, or at least I think I do, and then poof, its like i said something in another language.  Sometimes I feel it’d be better to not talk at all, and you know how much I like to do that.

September 18, 2006

 1st A&P test of the year… 71%  add extra credit 78%

not at ALL what I was going for. I hate this class. Its so much that I feel like I cant get into my head.

Abba, why are our bodies so crazy and complex?  I dont know how I’m supposed to learn all of this and then retain it for future reference.

::heavy sigh:: can i give up?

September 15, 2006

if anyone has a clue as to why in the world I am taking Anatomy and Physiology II please let me know. I’m up for theories.

I’m Better now

September 12, 2006

Thanks to those of you who prayed for me yesterday. I feel much better now that I’ve had some sleep.  I was sleeping by 10 and was up at 5:30, thats 7.5hrs, and for me, thats like sleeping in! (the the 530 part, but the 7.5 hrs part) You were right Robin, I’m sure it was from lack of sleep.

And per the request of Marrano, I was up late talking to my sweetie, but i thought you guys would have figured that one out on ur own


September 11, 2006

I went to bed at approximately 4:37am and I had to get up at approximately 6:40am… I am tired, and for some reason, I feel kinda sick.  Please pray for me if you read this today. I need stamina and lots of alertness; and if the feeling of ‘im gonna throw up’ could leave my tummy, I’d be down for that too.



September 6, 2006

do you ever feel that Yahweh is showing you a TON of different things in your life all at once?  yeah, that would be me right now.  Somethings I realize I need to work on, others I never gave much thought to.  Please pray that I will have a soft heart as he brings correction to me through His word. 

I love you all.

~Abby Rose